Sunday, March 21, 2010

loneliness is a bliss.

There will always come a time when we will realize that the person we’ve been living is not who we wanted us to be.

It is when you wake up and you know that none of your actions bring you the results you want.

It is when you come home at night and feel you’ve been useless for the whole day.

What is rejection??

It is when you see that one person holding his/her cell phone and vigorously texting, and you know the message is not for you.

It is when you look at that person intently but he/she never looks back at you.

It is when you walk home alone.

The good news is, that you can go back to your OLOF.

Your Optimim Level Of Functioning.

In other words, you can go back to being normal and stop being stupid and feeling sorry for yourself.

LONELINESS is only in the mind.


Thursday, October 1, 2009


i had a fun fun day with Scarlett Hong, Lee Ye Ram, Jun Tae Ho, Mae West and Mariel Lamanero at Alabang town center.

i decided that i should really go with them, since i really really need the break, really need to get my head out of the many things i've been thinking about.

we headed out to alabang around 1pm?? right?? haha and went straight to this Korean restaurant and ate black noodles. it's supposed to make you happy and i did feel happy eating it even though it was smothered with veggies! ugh.
and then we went to ATC (which was actually my first time) and met Christine and Naryna and ANdy...
and me and my big mouth didn't realize the situation at first so i came about and blabbed about something i heard from a big bird and affected one of the people i was with...

we saw THE UGLY TRUTH. which was really really funny!!! and has a lot of nice lines and things you should really think about..

haha! and what else.. uh, went to the coffee bean to just sit and think of what to do next. haha!
and then finally decided to go to the SKYLINE in vivere hotel in muntinlupa.
it was again my first time and the scene was beautiful...

this week was tough for me but i realized a lot of things.

before, i've been afraid of being alone
and now that i am, it's not that scary at all..

here i was feeling sorry for myself because some uncertainty came again in my life and left me hanging in thin thread.. while there was so much life could offer...

and i finally decided to just go on with everything that life offers and let's see what the morning has brought for me.:) smile lang ng smile!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


i love days like these. when all people talk about one thing, and as if every body somehow has a lot more to say than the other. (parang mas marami akong alam kesa sayo!) ahaha!
and it's when people come together to work for a cause and you really feel that you do belong!:)

during the downpour last saturday, i was sitting in my dad's hospital room and wondering when the rain would stop so that i'll be able to play tennis the following day. only to find out that it wouldn't stop until today (monday). i felt bad because of the tennis thing...
but after seeing the pool that formed for about an hour or two in front of the hospital and upon clicking the TV open and seeing the devastating news, i felt bad.

many towns in manila is not only drenched but literally SOAKED in water. and dirty water that is!
i am very very very very very thankful though that my hometown,
was untouched. maybe a few little pools in Bayanihan or in Jordan Ville but no news came up of someone lost or someone died or someone lost a house.
Baesa's not even high.

soooo, even though Baesa looks no better than any other city,
i love baesa!
and thank you thank you God for saving our house and everybody's from Baesa!
but bless those who lost theirs and their lovedones.
keep praying.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

babies are so stress free! i need them!

i have this liking for babies which is unusual since many of my friends like babies but then they never hover over them and stay with them for hours.

it's just that i feel happy and unbelievably stressfree when i am with babies.

this video in particular makes me wanna cuddle all these babies and will not get tired!!

aww i need these babies! can i borrow them?? haha!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WOAH. Philippines...

look closely to these two pictures specially the latter one...
go figure the pictures out.

honestly, we were once (or still?) considered the best english-speaking country in asia. but then what happened with our english? is it lost? is it hidden? or is it truly forgotten by many because of poverty...

i heard that poverty should never be a barrier especially when it comes to education. we have public schools. many business men and women allow undergraduates to work to save up money for education. and many of our fellow men take the opportunities for granted.

others who were given the chance to go back to school wasted their time by being impregnated by some lunatic who couldn't control his ejaculation. (hahahaah!! omg)
others prefer to grow their hair and go outside their houses with nothing but their tshirt on. haha! (omg)
others who do have the money for education waste their money time and effort doing crazy stuff just so they can prove that they are 'mature' enough to make their decisions.

haaay. Philippines. what happened.
i can't help but watch as we let our pride and honor slip from our fingers.

someone told me that i am too critical.
what would you do if you saw these pictures??
you'd probably laugh..
i did. but isn't it sad that a simple spelling can make us even more lower than we already are????

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rafael Nadal

he's hot. he's muscular. and he's winning!

He's everywhere and that just sucks.
it's not that i don't like the guy. he just keeps on picking and pinching his buttocks every time he serves..

i mean an athlete should have a mannerism that makes them lucky or at least have something to touch before they ace a serve.

But your BUTT??? cut the crap Nadal.
you spanish-speaking hunk. haha!

change your butt-pinching act and maybe i'll cheer for you.

ang kire!! haha

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

twirl your mind...

paola and i decided that it was time to twirl our minds..
we went to enchanted kingdom just to take out and scream out all the misery of life and all the humiliation of being rejected over and over again by people we keep on trying to hold on to...

we got so excited and almost ran towards the gates of the park.
but then we got rejected again because a small and almost unnoticeable sign said "SPACE SHUTTLE closed for the effing day"

we resorted to the 2nd best rides of the park and well yeah had a really great time together...

but then as i sit in front of my laptop tonight i can't keep wondering why money has never brought me happiness.

why do happiness seem to be an arm-length far from me, but then even if i keep on reaching i feel like it keeps on going farther away from me?

at the end of the day i still sit by myself and ask why i have become like this?

why do i feel like someone owes me happiness?